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The Perfect Weekend Side Dish

With the weather becoming decidedly outdoorsy and BBQ-friendly again I’ve started pouring through my cookbook library for some new and interesting side dishes to serve alongside the inevitably large slabs of roast lamb, grilled prawns, and seared tuna that go hand-in-hand with summer. This superb side […]

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Burnt eggplant with garlic and lemon

Sometimes you just need a little something extra to serve with a meal, and this cracking eggplant dish is one of my favourites (yes, it’s another Ottolenghi recipe, and yes, I AM obsessed). It’s not blended with tahini so has a slightly different flavour profile […]

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A ‘Spring is almost here’ salad

With a flat-full of friends en-route for a Saturday night dinner recently, I hit up the cookbook collection on the hunt for some new recipes to test out. Ingredients that provided at least a whisper of nutrition were an integral requirement, considering the invariably large quantities of barbecued meat […]

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New To The Cookbook Shelf

If I were not in possession of any self-control, I’d be purchasing myself a new cookbook every other week and require a much larger bookshelf (and probably a roomier flat). As it is, I tend to only purchase new cookbooks if it’s a hotly anticipated […]

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Hummus Kawarma

I’ve always got a tub of homemade hummus rattling around in my fridge – it’s a perfect snack and a great accompaniment to many a dinner, whether it’s roast chicken or a hearty pearl barley salad. For a recent dinner party I took my garden […]