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Easy Coconut Yoghurt

A couple of weekends ago I had breakfast with one of my bestest lady friends at Henley’s Wholefoods in Alexandria. As is my want when breakfast menu’s are concerned, I opted for the hotcakes, which at Henley’s are given the nutrient-packed wholefoods treatment and made […]

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Sunday Pancakes

If I go out for breakfast, chances are I’m ordering the pancakes – whether drizzled in maple syrup or sprinkled with lemon and sugar, they’re easily my number one choice. I can remember my dad making my brother and I pancakes for breakfast during school […]

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Homemade Yoghurt

Along with butter, eggs, and chocolate, yoghurt is always stocked in my fridge – it’s my go-to breakfast most mornings, and I use it in smoothies, to dollop over curries, as a base for creamy pasta sauces, to drizzle over pancakes, in tzatziki, and to […]