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Nutella & Peanut Butter Brownies

When called upon recently to contribute baked goods to a work morning tea, I was left scrambling for ideas in the face of a pantry bereft of ingredients. As is often the case, it was Nigella to the rescue, with a laughably simple recipe from […]

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DIY Almond Butter

Forking out the best park of a tenner on a jar of ‘organic’ or ‘all natural’ peanut butter in the supermarket is always rather painful, so I’m a violent supporter of making PB at home (see here). As I always have excessive quantities of nuts on […]

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DIY Peanut Butter

All-natural nut butters are hardly a rare and elusive beast, but for someone with a compulsive need to recreate recipes at home, taking peanut butter for a spin was bound to happen sooner or later. “Recipe” is almost certainly a generous title for a process […]