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Spanish chorizo & potato salad

When a hearty and crowd-pleasing side dish is required, this is my number one go-to. The humble potato salad is taken to all-new and decidedly Spanish heights with the addition of chorizo (the spicier the better!), manchego cheese, smoked paprika, and a few other bits […]

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Eggplant, Freekeh & Feta Salad

For me there’s no more quintessentially Autumn dish than Maggie Beer’s Moroccan eggplant with lentils, pomegranate, and ricotta, a deliciously hearty and warming bowlful that makes the most of seasonal ingredients, and one I look forward to making whenever the weather cooling down. Faced with a […]

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The Perfect Weekend Side Dish

With the weather becoming decidedly outdoorsy and BBQ-friendly again I’ve started pouring through my cookbook library for some new and interesting side dishes to serve alongside the inevitably large slabs of roast lamb, grilled prawns, and seared tuna that go hand-in-hand with summer. This superb side […]

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Beetroot, Fig & Cumin Salad

With the weather warming up, it makes a whole lotta sense to have a solid arsenal of hearty but easy-as salads on hand. This super tasty number relies on the earthy sweetness of raw beetroot, and is a fantastic accompaniment to grilled salmon or lamb, or just […]

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24-hours in Hobart

The problem with 24-hours in Hobart is that it’s simply not enough time to eat all the things one wishes to. This was my second trip there in as many years (you can read about the first one here), and as such I got to tick […]


Hummus Kawarma

I’ve always got a tub of homemade hummus rattling around in my fridge – it’s a perfect snack and a great accompaniment to many a dinner, whether it’s roast chicken or a hearty pearl barley salad. For a recent dinner party I took my garden […]