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DIY Quince Paste

When it comes to favourite things to eat, I can’t go past a well-stocked cheese board, ideally featuring the likes of a triple cream brie, a sharp blue, some good plain crackers, muscatels, some nuts, and a generous slab of quince paste. The latter brings a pleasingly sweet tanginess and some […]

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DIY Almond Butter

Forking out the best park of a tenner on a jar of ‘organic’ or ‘all natural’ peanut butter in the supermarket is always rather painful, so I’m a violent supporter of making PB at home (see here). As I always have excessive quantities of nuts on […]

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Pumpkin & Whey Soup

I did a fantastic cheese-making class at Cornersmith in Marrickville last year under the guidance of cheese maestro Kristen Allen. Apart from making some terrific whey-related puns, Kristen also shared several clever uses for the inevitably large quantities of whey leftover from cheese making.

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Homemade Ricotta

When it comes to making cheese at home, ricotta is the best place for a novice to start. Sitting firmly on the “easy enough” end of the difficulty spectrum, the only ingredients you need to get started are milk and lemon juice, along with a […]


Easy Coconut Loaf

When breakfasting in a café I’m the person who can never decide between the pancakes and the eggs, a sweet-versus-savoury dilemma I can’t seem to shake even when making breakfast at home. Generally I like to borrow from both categories (a favourite of mine being […]

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Homemade Yoghurt

Along with butter, eggs, and chocolate, yoghurt is always stocked in my fridge – it’s my go-to breakfast most mornings, and I use it in smoothies, to dollop over curries, as a base for creamy pasta sauces, to drizzle over pancakes, in tzatziki, and to […]


DIY Peanut Butter

All-natural nut butters are hardly a rare and elusive beast, but for someone with a compulsive need to recreate recipes at home, taking peanut butter for a spin was bound to happen sooner or later. “Recipe” is almost certainly a generous title for a process […]


Homemade Pizza

Along with chambray shirts and Tom Ford Lipsticks, pizza is right up there on my list of Best Things Ever. I’m fairly confident that I could eat pizza every day and never tire of it, a bold claim I plan on substantiating when I travel to Italy […]

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Fresh Pasta At Home

Making fresh pasta at home is one of my favourite Sunday afternoon rituals. There is something incredibly relaxing about making the dough and shaping the pasta, then crafting a delicious meal from scratch. Best of all, the only strenuous aspects involved are an occasional visit […]

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