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Eggplant, Freekeh & Feta Salad

For me there’s no more quintessentially Autumn dish than Maggie Beer’s Moroccan eggplant with lentils, pomegranate, and ricotta, a deliciously hearty and warming bowlful that makes the most of seasonal ingredients, and one I look forward to making whenever the weather cooling down. Faced with a […]

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Burnt eggplant with garlic and lemon

Sometimes you just need a little something extra to serve with a meal, and this cracking eggplant dish is one of my favourites (yes, it’s another Ottolenghi recipe, and yes, I AM obsessed). It’s not blended with tahini so has a slightly different flavour profile […]

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Baba Ganoush

Eggplant in any of its glorious forms is a winner for me, whether it’s sliced and thrown into a Thai curry, stuffed and grilled in a Turkish imam bayildi, slathered in miso Japanese-style, or blended with tahini and garlic in this wonderful Middle-eastern dip.

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