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Spanish chorizo & potato salad

When a hearty and crowd-pleasing side dish is required, this is my number one go-to. The humble potato salad is taken to all-new and decidedly Spanish heights with the addition of chorizo (the spicier the better!), manchego cheese, smoked paprika, and a few other bits […]

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A wintry Mexican soup

“Balmy” is the word that springs to mind when describing winter in Sydney so far this year, with mid-August temperatures peaking as high as 27° Celsius during the day. While this madness great for camping, it’s not so great for cracking out the serious winter […]

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Eggplant, Freekeh & Feta Salad

For me there’s no more quintessentially Autumn dish than Maggie Beer’s Moroccan eggplant with lentils, pomegranate, and ricotta, a deliciously hearty and warming bowlful that makes the most of seasonal ingredients, and one I look forward to making whenever the weather cooling down. Faced with a […]

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Summer Pad Thai

I’m prone to kitchen laziness during summer, especially on those days where it’s blazingly hot outside, the pedestal fan just isn’t cutting the mustard in my heinously non-air conditioned flat, and the very thought of consuming a hot meal makes me break out in yet another layer of […]

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The Perfect Weekend Side Dish

With the weather becoming decidedly outdoorsy and BBQ-friendly again I’ve started pouring through my cookbook library for some new and interesting side dishes to serve alongside the inevitably large slabs of roast lamb, grilled prawns, and seared tuna that go hand-in-hand with summer. This superb side […]

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Dumplings For Days

I love having a freezer stuffed with dumplings for a winning go-to for a fuss-free Sunday dinner, or as a mini-meal when I need a bite or two of something tasty to tide me over. Having exhausted all the frozen dumpling options at my local Asian grocer […]

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Sweet Potato & Almond Loaf

When the weekend rolled around I had a hankering to hit the kitchen and get my bake on. I had my eye on something savoury that would take care of the glut of sweet potato lurking in the pantry, and after a firing up the Google […]

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The Agrarian Kitchen

It’s no secret that I’m heavily into eating and cooking, and our recent trip to Tasmania was largely scheduled around a day of both at the Agrarian Kitchen, a farm-to-table cooking school run by former chef Rodney Dunne and his wife Séverine, on their beautiful property deep in the Derwent […]

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How To Make Crumpets (The Easy Way)

Last year I enjoyed some amazing crumpets at an awesome cafe in Wellington New Zealand (hola Loretta). Served with coconut yoghurt and passionfruit curd, these light, fluffy and flavourful wonders brought me right back to childhood weekends where piping-hot crumpets were smothered in excessive quantities […]

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The Perfect Cous Cous Salad

I was recently gifted with what has quickly become my favourite cookbook: My Garden Kitchen, the the first is what I hope is a long line of cookbooks from Unna Burch, the Wellington-based home cook and photographer behind the gorgeous blog The Forest Cantina. I’ve […]


Easy Gingerbread Loaf

When my birthday rolled around this month and an afternoon of self-indulgent cake-baking was in order, I immediately reached for a recipe I had been lusting over for many months: Cazna and Pat Gilder’s Gingerbread loaf from The Great New Zealand Cookbook (which I’ve raved […]

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