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How To Make Crumpets (The Easy Way)

Last year I enjoyed some amazing crumpets at an awesome cafe in Wellington New Zealand (hola Loretta). Served with coconut yoghurt and passionfruit curd, these light, fluffy and flavourful wonders brought me right back to childhood weekends where piping-hot crumpets were smothered in excessive quantities […]

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Easy Coconut Yoghurt

A couple of weekends ago I had breakfast with one of my bestest lady friends at Henley’s Wholefoods in Alexandria. As is my want when breakfast menu’s are concerned, I opted for the hotcakes, which at Henley’s are given the nutrient-packed wholefoods treatment and made […]

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The Saturday Smoothie

Sunday mornings are all about pancakes, truffle eggs, or peanut butter on sourdough, but on Saturdays I like to keep it pure with a post-run smoothie (particularly when I’ve overindulged on a Friday night pizza). I go for a base mixture of plain yoghurt and […]

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Homemade Ricotta

When it comes to making cheese at home, ricotta is the best place for a novice to start. Sitting firmly on the “easy enough” end of the difficulty spectrum, the only ingredients you need to get started are milk and lemon juice, along with a […]


Easy Coconut Loaf

When breakfasting in a café I’m the person who can never decide between the pancakes and the eggs, a sweet-versus-savoury dilemma I can’t seem to shake even when making breakfast at home. Generally I like to borrow from both categories (a favourite of mine being […]

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Sunday Pancakes

If I go out for breakfast, chances are I’m ordering the pancakes – whether drizzled in maple syrup or sprinkled with lemon and sugar, they’re easily my number one choice. I can remember my dad making my brother and I pancakes for breakfast during school […]

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Homemade Yoghurt

Along with butter, eggs, and chocolate, yoghurt is always stocked in my fridge – it’s my go-to breakfast most mornings, and I use it in smoothies, to dollop over curries, as a base for creamy pasta sauces, to drizzle over pancakes, in tzatziki, and to […]


DIY Peanut Butter

All-natural nut butters are hardly a rare and elusive beast, but for someone with a compulsive need to recreate recipes at home, taking peanut butter for a spin was bound to happen sooner or later. “Recipe” is almost certainly a generous title for a process […]