Five things for April

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Amusement & Lifestyle

S-Town | The latest true crime podcast from This American Life was dropped in handy binge-listening form last week, and it’s the audio equivalent of un-put-down-able.

First, We Make The Beast Beautiful | Part memoir, part life-manual, this lovely book is essential reading for anyone versed in anxiety and depression.

Flip Belt | Goodbye, awkwardly stuffing your keys and phone into your sports bra! This genius and comfortable active-wear belt safely stashes all your bits on a run or hike.

Self-watering plant stand | This pretty addition to our lounge room also houses our newest plant-child, a lovely and pleasingly maintenance Fiddle Leaf Fig.

The Steam Engine Coffee | Offering up some of the best coffee on the lower North Shore, this friendly Chatswood cafe also stocks handy take-home packs of their signature Vapour Blend.


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