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Tucked away in one of Alexandria’s industrial pockets is Mecca’s coffee roastery and cafe, in an old warehouse with gorgeous high ceilings and loads of natural light. An outpost of their CBD and Ultimo digs, the Alexandria space operates as a café at the front, with a roastery, kitchen, and cupping room out the back.

It’s all about the beans at Mecca, with various flavours, origins, and strengths listed on the menu, and savvy-as staff who are happy to offer up tastings (if you ask nicely), or to recommend the best bag of beans for you to purchase for your at-home caffeine fix. The usual flat whites are all well and good (very good in fact), but don’t go past their batch-brewed cold filter coffee, which the team keg, charge with nitrogen gas, and serve on tap. The smooth stout-like mouthfeel is a revelation; the chilled creaminess magic on a muggy March morning (and about a thousand times better than a revolting whipped cream-topped iced frappacinno-type concoction).

Food-wise, the all-day menu is pleasingly short and sweet, with some solid breakfast options and substantial lunch fare. On our Saturday breakfast visit, we opted for the day’s Sujuk Scramby special, with scrambled eggs, spiced Turkish sausage, and eggplant, served with smoked labneh and chilli jam on Iggy’s rye bread; and also the Shroom Roll with braised mushrooms, a fried egg, house chutney, slaw and aioli, on a brioche roll. It’s simple and wholesome stuff that’s packed with flavour, and keeps you going well into the afternoon (but grab a Brickfields pastry from the counter on your way out if you’re in any doubt).

26 Bourke Road Alexandria | Monday-Friday 7am-3pm, Saturday & Sunday 8am-3:30pm









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