Five things for March

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Amusement & Lifestyle, Cooking & Recipes

Homecoming | A scripted psychological-thriller podcast starring Catherine Keener, Oscar Isaac, David Cross, and David Schwimmer? Heck yes!

Printed Kimono | Quite possibly the most colourful item of clothing I own, this lovely kimono is structured like a jacket but is incredibly lightweight, so perfect to throw on as the weather (finally) cools down.

KeepCup | What’s better than using an eco-friendly takeaway coffee cup? Designing it yourself! Pick your size, materials and colours using KeepCup’s custom design function, and be stylish AF while saving the environment.

Coolah Matte Mineral Sunscreen SPF | Infused with cucumber, this 30+ sunscreen feels like a luxe face cream. It goes on super smooth and mattifies the skin, leaving nary a hint of greasy residue.

Bliss Balls | I always have a batch of these babies in the fridge for nutrient-dense snacking. A combo of crushed nuts, oats, raw cacao, protein powder, almond butter, and coconut, they’re sugar-free and pack a pleasing protein punch.


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