Five Things For December

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Amusement & Lifestyle, Primping & Preening

Maxi Skirt | A pretty patterned maxi skirt is almost mandatory for summer, and this one from Seed was worth running around town for to find my size during their recent pre-Christmas sale.

Nocturnal Animals | A harrowing story-within-a-story that follows protagonist Susan as she reads a murder-mystery novel penned by her ex-husband. Worth a read before you see the Tom Ford-directed film adaptation!

O!Mega Bronzer | After several failed attempts at bronzer, I’ve found The One in this beauty from Marc Jacobs. It looks scarily dark in the pan, but on the face is the perfect shade of natural, pretty glow.

Skinceuticals Sheer Physical Sunscreen | High summer temps call for a hard-working facial SPF, and this one puts in the miles. It’s sheer and lightweight so a win for greasy folks, and offers up some seriously high sun-protection.

Twenty Seventeen Diary | I was kindly gifted this lovely day-to-a-page diary, and it’s causing some serious 2017 anticipation! As a compulsive list-maker and note-taker, it will take pride of place on my desk next year.




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