Five Things For November

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Amusement & Lifestyle, Primping & Preening

The Good People | It’s 1820’s Ireland and recently widowed Nora is drawn into a world of superstition, faith and folklore when her her orphaned grandson is suspected of being a fairy-born changeling. A beautifully-written and rather haunting read.

Denim jacket | I’ve been looking for the perfect denim jacket for a couple of months now, and I think I’ve nailed it with this cropped-at-the-back and slightly-longer-in-the-front number. It’s great for throwing on over dresses while the mornings and evenings are still a little chilly.

Brett Whitely print | A belated birthday gift, this The Divided Unity print adds a lovely pop of colour to my flat and is a timely reminder that summer, sun, and beaches are just around the corner.

Google My Maps | A great little functionality that allows you to mark locations with different icons, so you can organise and share a travel itinerary using categories like accommodation, restaurants, museums, and walks, as well as add custom driving routes and photos.

Nib, pen & ink | I recently started building up my calligraphy kit, including a nib and pen, ink, and a cute little storage tin. After a few practice attempts I’m getting the hang of basic lettering, and have even managed to avoid spilling over my self and my dining room table.


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