Mushroom Risotto

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Sunday dinners are a labour of love in my house – standing over the stove with a glass of wine is always a fitting way to end the weekend, during the colder months my usual go-to is a hearty risotto. This winter I’ve been tinkering with my Garlic & Lemon Risotto recipe, using roughly the same quantities of ingredients but allowing myself to be less pedantic about the “add stock, stir until absorbed, repeat” method. These days, I prefer to add the stock in three or so big batches, covering the pot with a lid and letting the rice do it’s thing for about ten minutes in between each batch. It’s less effort, less stressful, and leaves me with time to get on with more useful pursuits like watching Broadchurch and lusting over Country Road bed linen.

In this recipe, I’ve ditch the lemon and added loads of mushrooms, which I cook in some butter with garlic, add to the cooked rice, and top with some dill and a good handful of Parmigiano-Reggiano. It’s risotto the table in under half an hour, and is the perfect meal to wrap up a winter weekend.


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