Wayward Brewing

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Drinking & Dining

“Carpe bierum” reads the wonderful mural on the wall of Wayward brewery, housed in a converted wine cellar off a laneway on the Annandale side of Camperdown. And it pretty much sums up one of the best breweries in Sydney right now. The beer is excellent, and the vibe inside is relaxed and social – from small groups, to families with kids, hipsters and their dogs, heck, even yoga classes, everyone’s welcome enjoy some brews and good times Wayward.

The taps pour four offbeat but exceptionally well-crafted beers from Wayward’s core range, seasonal in-house brews, as well a few taps reserved for guest breweries. There’s also great wine list, a nice touch considering the venue’s rich viticultural history – check out the grape-stained, white-walled rooms at the back that functioned as wine vats in the building’s former life.

Food-wise, things are pretty chill at Wayward. Food trucks pull up on the regular, including Smokey BBQ Bandits, whose smoked cheeseburger with bacon jam is a revelation. The guys are the bar can keep you flush with bottomless popcorn, will order in dinner for you from a friendly neighbourhood pizzaria, and are none-too fussed if you bring in outside grub.

10/10 would hang there again.


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