A Warming Winter Salad

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While winter is all about hearty stews, rich pastas, and spicy curries, every now and then a chilly night calls for something a little lighter that still ticks all the flavour boxes. I concocted this salad on the train home from work one day in a spirited attempt to use up my store of my winter veggies with little effort and max flavour.  It’s incredibly easy to make (heck, I was eating it well within half an hour of walking through the door), and the quantities can easily be adjusted based on number of humans requiring feeding. The end result is a bed of lighted warmed shredded Brussels sprouts topped with grilled fennel and halved grilled sprouts, all drizzled with a warm seeded mustard dressing – it looks super pretty, is rich in flavour, and feels incredibly nourishing, but is also light enough that there’s plenty of room for a bit of dessert (Nutella mug cakes are my winter go-to, FYI).


Using around 2 cups of Brussels spouts per 2 people, thinly slice 3/4 of the cup and and chop in half the other quarter. Make a dressing by mixing seeded mustard, lemon juice or white wine vinegar, salt and pepper, and olive oil, and heat on the stove in a small pan. Heat some olive oil in a larger pan, and sear each side of the halved sprouts until charred and warmed through, then sauté half a very thinly sliced fennel bulb in the same pan. Put the fennel and halved sprouts to the side, then lightly pan fry the shaved sprouts until just warmed through. Pop the shredded sprouts on a serving plate and top with the fennel and halved sprouts, then pour over the warmed dressing. This is amazing just with the veg, but for something more carnivorous, it’s also great with a poached and sliced chicken breast or some shredded pork shoulder.



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