Five Things For June

Amusement & Lifestyle, Primping & Preening

Everywhere I look | Helen Garner My favourite in Helen Garner’s new collection of essays has to be How To Marry Your Daughters, a re-reading of Pride and Prejudice told with her trademark thoughtful and shrewd observations, such as “Lydia Bennet, at sixteen, is a piece of trash.” Couldn’t put it down.

Bowraville | The Australian 25-years on, the Bowraville murders that devastated a rural Australian community are front-page news again. This podcast from The Australian journalist Dan Box traces the case from the initial investigations and trials, through to the present-day.

Big Salt Scrub | Lush Once you get over how whack it is to scoop shampoo out of a tub with your fingers, you can appreciate how amazing this stuff is. Almost like a salt-scrub for your hair, it gets rid of build-up, smells amazing, and leaves hair squeaky clean and voluminous.

Quite The Standout | MAC I love a bold orange-toned red lip, and this one from MAC’s new-ish Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick range is as its name suggests. The formula is highly long-lasting and therefore a little drying, so I always load up on balm before applying.

Liam Sneakers | Witchery As winter rolled around I was in the market for a pair of comfortable kicks with a little bit of an edge. These leather beauties have gold heel detailing, are super comfortable, and I can get away with wearing them in the office. Win.


2 thoughts on “Five Things For June”

    • So compelling! I hope Dan Box revisits the case in some future episodes, what with everything that’s been happening in the news recently.

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