Month: January 2016

New To The Cookbook Shelf

If I were not in possession of any self-control, I’d be purchasing myself a new cookbook every other week and require a much larger bookshelf (and probably a roomier flat). As it is, I tend to only purchase new cookbooks if it’s a hotly anticipated […]

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Pea, Mint and Tofu Soup

Mid-summer in Australia is traditionally a time for tasty salads and barbecued meat, usually accompanied by lots of cold wine and sides that don’t require an oven or any sort of slaying over a hot stove. But as January got off to an unseasonably cold […]

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A Duo of Dips

I’m not heavily into making lunch at weekends, preferring to graze on leftovers, tuck into a bowl of cereal (I hope my mum isn’t reading this), or munch on veggie sticks and a bowl of homemade dip. As someone who always has tinned chick peas […]

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Annabel’s Spicy Nuts

Mention Spicy Nuts to anyone who’s listened to Annabel Crabb and Leigh Sales’ excellent podcast Chat 10 Looks 3 (which I’ve raved about here), and they’ll totally get you. A wonderfully simple recipe passed down from Annabel’s mother (who has the good fortune of possessing […]

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I’m a fan of any recipe that celebrates the sweet-savoury combination of golden syrup, treacle, and ginger (see my Gingerbread Loaf post for further evidence), and when you throw gorgeous heady spices and a crunchy shortbread crumb into the mix, things start to get real. Jamie […]

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