DIY Almond Butter

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Forking out the best park of a tenner on a jar of ‘organic’ or ‘all natural’ peanut butter in the supermarket is always rather painful, so I’m a violent supporter of making PB at home (see here). As I always have excessive quantities of nuts on hand in my stores, there’s usually a tasty (and far more cost efficient) jar of nut butter lurking in there as well. Peanut Butter will always be my favourite, but subbing in almonds for peanuts makes for a delicious change and requires only a little more quality time with your food processor.


The denser nature of the almonds gives the butter a pleasingly granular texture, and I find the best flavour comes from using unsalted roasted almonds and mixing in a good pinch of Maldon sea salt before decanting into jars. To take things well and truly to flavour town, slather on lavish crackers and top with a little schmear of goats cheese.




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