Easy Coconut Yoghurt

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A couple of weekends ago I had breakfast with one of my bestest lady friends at Henley’s Wholefoods in Alexandria. As is my want when breakfast menu’s are concerned, I opted for the hotcakes, which at Henley’s are given the nutrient-packed wholefoods treatment and made with maca and almond meal. While they were seriously tasty and fabulously wholesome, I took a particular fancy to the coconut yoghurt they were served with and naturally had to try making my own at home. 

I appropriated my own existing yoghurt recipe by subbing regular milk for a 400ml can of coconut milk, and using 4 tablespoons plain natural yoghurt as my live culture source (The Kitchn has a great article on making it completely dairy-free). The result is a smooth and creamy yoghurt with a slightly crumbly texture. It has a lovely tang and good hit of coconut flavour, and pairs perfectly with bircher muesli, dolloped over a cherry-chocolate brownie, spooned over a spicy curry, or as I did here, simply topped with toasted shredded coconut.




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