Five Things For November

Amusement & Lifestyle, Primping & Preening

Start Up | A podcast about a podcaster starting a podcasting company, this highly addictive series follows host Alex Bloomberg as he navigates pitching, funding and launching his very own startup.

Country Road Scarf | After coveting this number for about a billion years, a sympathetic and marvellous friend gifted it to me and I haven’t stopped wearing it since.

Jam | I recently embarked on a jam-making venture (and kept saying “what’s the opposite of man? JAM!” a-la Monica Geller more often than was necessary) and am hooked. Stay tuned for my first jam recipe, coming soon!

Nutrogena Norwegain Hand Cream | So it turns out that the friend of Country Road scarf fame is also extraordinarily savvy when it comes to hand creams, and her recommendation of this one was too violent to ignore. It’s hands-down (bahaha) the best hand-cream I’ve ever tired.

The Eurdite Guide to Hobart and Southern Tasmania | I’m Tassie-bound in late November, and this guide by one of my favourite food bloggers, Fooderati, was a no-brainer when it came researching all things eating, drinking, staying and doing.



4 thoughts on “Five Things For November”

    • Oh I love Mystery Show! Have you listened to Reply All Josh? It’s next on my list but I have a few others to get through first!

      • Yes! I think Reply All is my favourite right now! They have a loose formula for their show layout which they are comfortable breaking for something big! The only Gimlet show I’ve not spent much time on is Surprisingly Interesting. Although I just saw that Science vs. is coming to Gimlet!

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