Month: November 2015

Hummus Kawarma

I’ve always got a tub of homemade hummus rattling around in my fridge – it’s a perfect snack and a great accompaniment to many a dinner, whether it’s roast chicken or a hearty pearl barley salad. For a recent dinner party I took my garden […]


How To Make Crumpets (The Easy Way)

Last year I enjoyed some amazing crumpets at an awesome cafe in Wellington New Zealand (hola Loretta). Served with coconut yoghurt and passionfruit curd, these light, fluffy and flavourful wonders brought me right back to childhood weekends where piping-hot crumpets were smothered in excessive quantities […]

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Easy Coconut Yoghurt

A couple of weekends ago I had breakfast with one of my bestest lady friends at Henley’s Wholefoods in Alexandria. As is my want when breakfast menu’s are concerned, I opted for the hotcakes, which at Henley’s are given the nutrient-packed wholefoods treatment and made […]

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