A Day Trip To Karloo Pools

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Travel & Outdoors

We Sydney-siders are lucky devils – not only do we live in a bloody beautiful city positively teeming with incredible food, world-class museums, and picture-perfect beaches, but the Royal National Park is right on our doorstep. A 40-minute drive south of the city will land you in 150 square kilometers of pristine coastal bushland, so there’s always a new area to explore.

A couple of weekends ago a group of us embarked on an expedition to Karloo Pools, a 3km walk from Heathcoate train station along the Karloo Track – a lovely stretch of bush dotted with pretty native wildflowers and various members of the local wildlife community.

Karloo itself had a few punters enjoying its pristine waters already, so we bush-bashed a couple of kilometers in the opposite direction in search of a little solitude. The massive and deserted pool we stumbled across was surrounded by eucalyptus trees, stunning rock formations, and native birdlife; it’s ice-cold waters divine after the trek, and the surrounding rocks a perfect spot for a Spring picnic.

We’ll definitely be back to explore the area further (maybe with a few inflatable lounges in tow).









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