Five Things For September

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Thanks to birthdays, blossoms and balmy weather, September is my favourite month of the year – it’s just a few days away, so it’s only fitting that this week’s post is a shout out to some lovely things to kick off Spring.

Frank Creamy Face Cleanser Readers of this here post will know that I’m a devotee of Frank Body Coffee Scrub, and when my current cleanser ran out I looked no further than this beauty. Green coffee bean extract gets the blood flowing and sorts out imperfections, charcoal draws out dirt and bacteria without stripping the skin of moisture (and gives the cleanser a frankly unsettling grey colour), and marshmallow root calms down redness and inflammation.

Salmon Sesame Salad Adam Liaw and his Twitter account are just about the best thing to have come out of Masterchef, and I really dig his cookbooks for their authentic but straightforward approach to Asian recipes. Packed with salmon, quinoa and a punchy sesame-yoghurt dressing, this salad makes a fantastic mid-week dinner, and as I’m a known recipe-tinkerer, I like to add a little lime juice to the dressing and sub the oranges for avocados to add some creamy textural interest.

Chat 10 Looks 3 Podcasts are a lifesaver on my daily commute north of the harbour and a sanctuary during the day when the unruly hubbub of my office reaches fever pitch, and I apologise to fellow commuters and colleagues for the LOLs I can’t suppress when listening to this one. As a side-project to their regular ABC gigs, Leigh Sales and Annabel Crabb source a location (often the ABC studio’s breast-feeding room) and deliver unscripted and incredibly entertaining musings on everything from Portugese Tarts to Mad Men.

COLAB Dry Shampoo Developed by the lovely Ruth Crilly of A Model Recommends, COLAB ticks all the right dry shampoo boxes – soaks up oil, adds volume and texture, smells incredible, and generally allows you to get away with not washing your hair for another day when you should really know better. But it’s the revolutionary weightless formula that’s the game changer, going on sheer so you don’t get that nasty white residue on your scalp (and if you’re me, all over your black pants).

The Present Cate Blanchett and Richard Roxborough together on stage? Heck yes! Based on an unfinished Anton Chekhov play from 1878 but set here in mid-1990s Russia, the plot sees a group of old friends reunite to celebrate a 40th birthday. As the group discuss their pasts, their loves and their money, all manner of drama, betrayal, and vodka (lots and lots of vodka) ensue. The Present is showing at The Sydney Theatre Company until September 19.


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