Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

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Jamie Oliver rolled into Sydney last weekend to launch this year’s Food Revolution Day, a global petition demanding that governments commit to teaching kids how to grow and cook nutritious food at school. My own experience of school-based food education was limited to Happy Healthy Harold and supplemented by chicken nuggets from the canteen, but thanks to some sensible parenting, home-grown ingredients and cooking from scratch have long been the norm for me. Despite our shift towards organically-grown-this and locally-sourced-that, kids today receive a disconcerting lack of formal education about where food comes from, nutritious eating, and basic food skills; an alarming thought considering the steady increase of diet-related disease in Australia.

Jamie’s Sydney itinerary included two live shows at the Opera House, and I was lucky enough to nab myself a ticket to one of them. Jamie’s cookbooks featured heavily in my collection and are some of the most often-used, sauce-splattered, and dog-eared on my shelves, so having the opportunity to see that swagger and hear that cockney twang in the flesh was really something. From wholemeal pancakes to a herb and veggie-based green curry, Jamie cooked up a bunch of fun, simple and super tasty recipes on stage in an effort pimp healthy eating. Watching one of my food heroes cook live on-stage was such a joy, and it was incredibly inspirational to see his fight for every child’s right to quality food education in action. The campaign is well-worth a gander and a great cause to support – you can read more it and sign the petition here.


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