Month: April 2015

Chickpea, Garlic & Rosemary Soup

Sydney has put on a show of the wet, cold, and miserable variety this week, which can only mean one thing: it’s officially soup season. As someone who falls staunchly into the ‘winter person’ camp and prefers the cooler months over their hot and uncomfortable […]

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Carry-On Packing

I’m off to Italy next month, so all-things packing have been on my mind for the last few weeks. I’m one of those insufferably obsessive people who plans their packing a stupid amount of time in advance, and whether it’s a month travelling from one […]

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Homemade Yoghurt

Along with butter, eggs, and chocolate, yoghurt is always stocked in my fridge – it’s my go-to breakfast most mornings, and I use it in smoothies, to dollop over curries, as a base for creamy pasta sauces, to drizzle over pancakes, in tzatziki, and to […]


Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

Jamie Oliver rolled into Sydney last weekend to launch this year’s Food Revolution Day, a global petition demanding that governments commit to teaching kids how to grow and cook nutritious food at school. My own experience of school-based food education was limited to Happy Healthy […]

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