Travelling Through Croatia

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I’d like to think I’ve disembarked from enough planes in enough countries to call myself well-travelled, although I don’t for a moment claim to have been everywhere – my list of dream destinations is extremely long and only seems to grow the more I travel. These posts are by no means a comprehensive travel guide, just a short and hopefully regular series of musings on some of my most memorable overseas jaunts.

My partner and I spent ten months abroad after finishing university, and for me Croatia was one of the highlights. We travelled to the capital Zagreb via train from Hungary, spending a few days wandering around its beautiful squares before travelling down the coast through some spectacular mountain scenery to the ancient port of Split, then onto the beautiful island of Hvar.

Our last stop was Dubrovnik, the spectacular walled city dramatically perched on the edge of the Adriatic Sea. The colours of the old town can leave you breathless – the Terracotta-red roofs, fuchsia-pink bougainvillea growing over the white-washed buildings, contrasted against the deep blue-green of the ocean. We stayed in a family-run apartment on the hill looking over the old town, and our room had a private grapevine-laden terrace surrounded by olive trees leading down to the family’s vegetable gardens overrun with eggplant, zucchini, and sweet as candy cherry tomatoes. After a day of wandering around the old town, we would stock up on local red wine, a loaf of bread, olives, and prosciutto, and eat our picnic dinner overlooking the ocean – a life I could very quickly get used to living. A short ferry ride from the main square is the island of Lukrom, well-worth a day trip to sun-bathe on the grounds of the old Hapsburg summer residence, complete with peacocks, botanic gardens, olive groves, and secluded beaches.


4 thoughts on “Travelling Through Croatia”

    • Oh that Sue is a good egg! We mostly travelled by bus, supplemented with ferries to and from islands. I hear the Split to Dubrovnik ferry is an amazing experience, so that would definitely be worth looking into. Private apartments seemed to be the done thing at the time, which we easily found online through and Hotels Combined, but I think AirBnB would be a good bet these days. Let me know if you need any more info!

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