A Weekend In Crescent Head

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An annual pilgrimage to the lovely little beachside village of Crescent Head is a tradition in my family. Each January a group of houses are booked, beach-gear is packed, and good times are had – there are now three generations of cousins, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, cousins, nieces, nephews, parents and partners who make the trip. Not far from the main village is a stretch of coastline housing a stunning rock pool right on the water’s edge. It’s dubbed The Dolphin Pool in my family (although those who haven’t seen a dolphin there find the name questionable), and a trip there is always high on the agenda. Getting to the spot is somewhat challenging and is traditionally attempted when it’s at least 35° Celsius, but this year a group of 14 of us, ranging in age from 4 to 64, made it there and back again in one piece. We start with a steep climb up one of the headlands, veer off into a treacherous downhill trek through some pretty serious scrub, then finish it off by descending a sheer cliff-face with an almost vertical drop onto the razor-sharp rocks below. The payoffs are stunning views up and down the coastline, a dip in the pristine pool surrounded by all manner of marine life, and a dolphin sighting if you’re lucky. This year we unlocked a bonus king tide, so some harrowingly large waves crashing over the edge of the pool added to the fun. It’s a tough climb back up, but well worth it when there’s a delicious beer, a nice wedge of camembert, and good family chats at the other end.


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